Dear Colleagues:
Welcome to the Diagnostic Radiology Resident Core Curriculum Lecture Series supported by the AUR R&E Foundation 2019 Strategic Alignment Grant. Here you will find a series of 20-30 minute lectures created specifically for trainees in radiology delivered by some of the best teachers across all subspecialties. The goal is to provide a standardized lecture series presenting the Diagnostic Radiology core curriculum that can be accessed by everyone free of charge. We hope that you find this series helpful and would welcome any thoughts or topics to make this site even better. We would like to thank all of the individual speakers for participating in this educational initiative by contributing their lectures. Please share this invaluable resource with your students and colleagues.

Given the current COVID-19 challenges faced by diagnostic radiology programs across the country and world, we have accelerated our plan to launch the lecture series to help supplement resident education during this difficult time. Rather than wait for the entire lecture series to be completed before release, we have begun posting those lectures that have been recorded and edited and will continue to post lectures as they are ready.

We hope you enjoy these talks and find them educational.

Nancy Fefferman, Michael Recht, Harprit Bedi, Mark Bernstein, Sanjeev Bhalla, Christopher Cassady, Chloe Chhor, Girish Fatterpekar, Munir Ghesani, Ryan Hickey and Andrew Rosenkrantz on behalf of the AUR R&E Foundation 2019 Strategic Alignment Grant.